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MAIO Live Brings the performance culture in Virtuality. Creating a platform to improve better listening and watching experience. Tonight for the final episode of MAIO Live, we have Techno Legends hailing from Germany – Anina Owly & Thomas Klipps.

THOMAS KLIPSS : Thomas Klipps, born and raised on the German coast, always had a passion for electronic music. Inspired by his music minded friends, it was only a matter of time before he would find his way to the turntables. In 2014 he started DJing and quickly developed his own style, the main characteristics being driving-minimal techno, with unique synths and dark-hypnotic influences. After numerous bookings in northern Germany, Thomas decided to move to Freiburg in the south of Germany, where he quickly became part of the scene, receiving bookings in highly respected clubs like Hans-Bunte Areal and Drifters Club. Mixing music wasn’t enough for Thomas, so to express his creativity Thomas began to produce his own music. He celebrated his first release in August 2018 for the label Heimatliebe Records. Afterwards he released tracks on labels like Phobos, Bully Beatz, Music4Aliens, Soupherb and Mothr. Several of these tracks featured in the Beatport Minimal / Deep Tech Charts. At the beginning of 2020 saw him celebrate his biggest success, reaching number one spot in Minimal / Deep Tech Releases with his Miscounted EP on Subios. With forthcoming releases on Creepy Finger and some other labels, the future is looking good for this promising young artist.

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ANINA OWLY : Born and raised in the south of Germany discovered her love for electronic music in 2011. After a couple of gigs for her friends she started her series of events ‘Owl Night Long’. Quickly established in the the nightlife, Aninas events featured several headliners such as Carlo Ruetz, Macromism and Ron Costa. After numerous events all over Germany f.e. Magdalena in Berlin, Bunker in Rostock, Zollamt in Stuttgart or Peter and Paul in Regensburg Anina is now one of the residents in Hans-Bunte Areal. Besides her success on national ground she impressed fans of electronic music with her vacant minimal sound outside of the German border. Her gigs include countries like Switzerland, France, Italy and Belgium. Furthermore, she has become a permanent part of the Sea You Festival as well as the Grenzenlos Festival and performed side by side with several headliners. At the same time Anina wanted to bring her own style into the music and released her first EP in 2013. She made it into the Top 30 Minimal Charts with only her second release, the Blow EP on Moonplay. Ever since, Anina releases her EP on known labels such as Phobos Records, Music4Aliens and Creepy Finger Records. Her Remix of the release ‘Blind’ by Clone Kent and Kallin made it onto rank 5 of the Beatport Minimal Charts. Besides her digital success, she also persuades with analogous sounds. In the summer of 2018 she released her Remix of Andrew T Dorms ‘Implant’ on Vinyl, where unique vocals meet a slice of Oldschool Minimal. She just recently made one of her dreams come true by having her first homestudio, which gives her even more space for creativity.

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