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MAIO Live Brings the performance culture in Virtuality. Creating a platform to improve better listening and watching experience. This Sunset we have Nat Barrera from Canada. orn in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nat Barrera’s creative involvement with music began when he picked up the drums at the age of 12. The next 8 years forged in him a strong passion for drums and percussion, all the while performing live and giving drumming lessons to children and young aspiring musicians. In 2006, Nat moved to Montreal, Canada. He has been producing music ever since, and has been playing in renowned venues across the city and region, building a more robust and enthusiastic following as the years passed. He has also shared his sound internationally, having repeatedly played in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. His distinctive sound matured into an eclectic yet balanced blend of electronic music, unique world music influences and a defined percussive rhythm. Over the years, Nat has had several releases and collaborated with many labels and collectives, like the renowned Grrreat Recordings/8Day, Bonzai Records, Noisefloor Records and Cosmovision Records amongst others.

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